We use a process that is new to some folks, and we understand you may not be used to the way it looks or the quality of it. If you have any questions at all about your products before we print or embroider them, we will gladly do a sample, sometimes even without a fee.*

Our printing process affects apparel in different ways. Some colors retain their bright luster after being worn and washed, and some colors will have a worn, faded appearance to them. If you have any questions about how your design will look after washing and wearing please consult us before ordering.  We will gladly test your design.

We make every effort to produce an outstanding product that meets your expectations with consistent quality. Our printed and embroidered apparel is created by hand and could have slight variations from garment to garment.

If you are not happy with a product or service you received, TELL US!

If you loved doing business with us TELL OTHERS!

* Sometimes a fee will be charged depending on the item you need to see with a test print.
Although we discourage it, we understand that circumstances may come up and you need to cancel your order. There are no refunds on custom apparel already printed. If your order has not been printed or embroidered, we will issue a refund within 30 days, minus design fees, and restock/shipping fees to return your apparel back to our suppliers. These fees cannot be determined ahead of time, and will be calculated at the time of cancellation. No refunds will be issued for promotional items like pens, magnets, water bottles etc.

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