Use and Care

Please follow these use and care guidelines when you receive apparel from KDK.

The process in which it was created may show a residue from the printing process or fibers from the embroidery process.

Do not remove the backing from embroidery decoration, this holds the embroidery in place and after several washes the backing will soften or disappear.

Garments are made of cotton and/ or cotton/poly blend and are susceptible to shrinking even if it says ‘pre-shrunk’ .

Follow the garment washing instructions for wash and care. Your garment will withstand normal wear and tear. To prolong the life of the decoration, wash inside out, with cold water, do not use bleach, use low heat or line dry.

Some colored garments will retain their bright printed colors, others will appear faded/worn.

Please also review our policies and our disclaimer.


should be taken care of with weekly cleaning without using chemicals. Car magnets can damage your vehicle. KDK is not responsible for any damage occurred by placing car magnets on it.


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